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About Aquascape

Aquascape Aquatics is a locally owned and operated. We provide full-service aquarium and pond aquatics maintenance. For 20 years, we have worked to custom build and sustain residential and commercial aquatic systems. We specialize in maintenance from filtration, lighting, substrate, and related equipment, to offering medical emergency care for any afflicted species you may own. Our dedication to aquatic design includes the use of quality, all-natural components, and our approach to filtration has always been biological. We work to establish and maintain a healthy system through our extensive knowledge of the usage of mechanical waste removal and nitrogenous cycling.

No job is too big, or too small. From a dirty aquarium to adding new stock, or the emergency medical quarantine and treatment of your existing stock, we go beyond simple upkeep at a cost that you can afford. Our work is guaranteed, and our preparation and cleanup process ensures that your home & yard are preserved. We would love the opportunity to consult with you about your individual needs and ideas. Just book an appointment and we do the rest! We also offer a medicated product, unique to Aquascape Aquatics for the treatment of many primary and secondary diseases commonly found with most cichlids. Book now and ask us about MetroPell.

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